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My name is David Cross with Blue Sky Capital. After managing a $4B lease portfolio, and helping clients reduce 20% off the cost of their leasing contracts, here’s what I know about my clients.

They want immediate savings and cost effective liquidity.

So it’s no wonder so many companies turn to Blue Sky Capital. We cover companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to startups, servicing both private companies and municipalities.

With over 100 years of collective experience, accessing a vast network of funding sources, we provide better rates, terms & conditions, and our service more than pays for itself in the savings.

You’ll also be assigned a team to manage your lease portfolio for optimal savings & financial performance, at no additional cost.

These are benefits you’ll only get with our unique platform.

Client Success Stories:

  • Eliminated Interim rent for over half of our clients.
  • Negotiated $1.2M savings by reducing buyout price for medical equipment​.
  • Amended return provisions saving a client well over $400K on a $5.5M portfolio​.
  • Lowered lease rates by 300 basis points on materials handling equipment