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Blue Sky Capital Strategies, LLC is an independent capital structure advisor with broad financing expertise, specializing in developing customized financing solutions designed to meet the unique funding needs of each client. Our team of seasoned professionals with financial, legal, tax, accounting, procurement, and asset class expertise develop and implement financing strategies on behalf of a diversified customer base. We cover companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to startups and service both private companies and municipalities. Senior management has over 80 years of collective leasing experience in both lessor and lessee roles, closing over $20 billion of diverse financing transactions. We have offices located in New York, Michigan, New Jersey, DC, Illinois, North Carolina, and California.

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Blue Sky Capital Strategies is a leasing advisor that develops, implements, and manages leasing strategies and programs for companies across the credit spectrum.  Our programs cover a wide range of asset classes with access to the most cost-effective liquidity and outstanding financial flexibility.  We work with you to supplement you existing funding sources.  Since we are not a lessor, we can work with you to to provide independent and unbiased advice.  

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An Aggressive Client Advocate

As the banking and leasing industries grow more fragmented each day, each has adopted a more selective approach for its credit approval process. Compounding the challenge of identifying the right funding partner is the myriad of boilerplate financing and leasing agreements tailored to lender’s advantage. You need an aggressive, experienced advocate to navigate through this process from start to finish. Blue Sky Capital Strategies provides independent and unbiased lease management services to companies that have an interest in saving money while leveraging the many benefits leasing has to offer. Leasing expertise is a critical element to ensure you have negotiated the best structure for each and every schedule. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in addition to developing leasing strategies with best practices, compliance, insight, and reporting capabilities for leased assets. We can complement your existing resources or provide an entire onsite team to manage day-to-day leasing operations. Blue Sky Capital Strategies offers flexible solutions for comprehensive lease management that delivers a minimum of 15% savings on the entire lease portfolio. Blue Sky has an extensive network of over 200 funding sources to ensure competitive funding for nearly any asset class, ranging from $50,000 to $300,000,000.

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