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Preserving ownership and avoiding dilution are critical steps founders must undertake to protect their pecuniary interests from aggressive angels and VC partners.  Equity should be used judiciously until more attractive market valuations can be solicited from investors.   Pre-revenue and pre-cashflow breakeven companies have limited capital structure options as traditional debt markets are not accessible.  Despite those limitations, there are still options which can supplement your funding plans and Blue Sky can help access them.   Our unique platform includes:

Venture leasing allows growing start-ups to acquire needed operating equipment while conserving expensive venture development capital. Equipment financed by venture leases cover a comprehensive range of asset classes such as technology, transportation, manufacturing & production, material handling and most other “hard” assets.
Structure Finance allows companies to creatively monetize assets and cashflow to provide access to funding that would not otherwise be accessible.
Commercial Partners – Early stage companies can leverage their relationships with larger business to create access to liquidity through credit-enhancement, subleases and other commercial arrangements

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Blue Sky’s comprehensive services include financial analysis, drafting term sheets and roadshow material, providing advice through the negotiation, documentation, marketing, and post-closing liability management processes. We distinguish our approach by the generation of creative ideas and solutions, client service and measure results through successful outcomes and customer satisfaction.

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Optimize Capital Structure

Optimize Capital Structure
1 Comprehensive cash flow analysis to determine the optimal amount, structure, and duration of the financing.

Select the right funding partner
2 Accessing a broad funding network with real-time market intelligence, we then target a select group of funding sources to secure the most competitive proposals.

Post-closing Liability Management
3 Proactive post-closing liability management to eliminate risk and ensure compliance to maturity.

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