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The average saving an OMNIA Partners member will realize on their leasing portfolio. Members will be able to achieve immediate results with lower rates & better terms and conditions.

$ One Trillion Dollars

Blue Sky’s GPO leverage provides real-time insight to a one trillion dollar leasing industry that will yield immediate and long-term savings for members, no matter if your requirements are domestic, international or both.

The Lease Finance Services program provides members with services and systems to secure leasing solutions with unparalleled financial flexibility and savings! Together, OMNIA Partners and Blue Sky are committed to finding the best leasing solutions for our members.

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Best-in-Class Partner:
Specialists in Lease Finance

Blue Sky develops and implements best-in-class lease strategies and programs covering a diverse range of asset classes and credit profiles. Senior management has over 100 years of collective leasing experience in both lessor and lessee roles, closing over $2.5 Billion of diverse lease transactions.

Blue Sky Service & Value Highlights

Master Lease Docs

Master Lease Docs

  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduces Risk
  • Increases Financial Flexibility
  • Eliminates Yield Enhancement t’s and c’s
Lease System

Leasing System

  • Manages ALL Finance Contracts
  • Secure Portal Access
  • Document Repository
  • Automated Notifications
Ivory Supertrump

Ivory Supertrump

  • Lease vs Purchase Analysis
  • Detailed Reporting
  • FASD Lease Treatment Reports
  • Amoritization Schedules

Recent Client Savings

  • Negotiated a 23% savings on a $650,000 end of term purchase option
  • Reduced lease factor by 227 basis points on a $5.5m lease for a $93K savings
  • Reduced lease factor by over 150 basis points on $10M portfolio $101K savings
  • Negotiated $1.2M savings on end of term buyout for medical equipment
  • Negotiated a 12-month lease extension that resulted in $127,000 savings
  • Negotiated return provisions to save well over $400,000 on a $5.5M portfolio

Client Testimonials

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OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners is the largest and most experienced organization in group purchasing and supply chain management. Comprised of members and suppliers in both the government and private sector, we bring together industry-leading buying power and world-class vendors to offer an extensive portfolio of sourcing solutions and partnerships.

Through the economies of scale created by our four subsidiaries, National IPA, Prime Advantage, Corporate United and most recently acquired, U.S.Communities, our members and suppliers execute more contracts, in more verticals, with transparent, value-driven pricing. They benefit from the power and associations we have across a multitude of industries, and the premier access they get to products, services and customers. This creates the unparalleled value and unmatched resources our members and supplier partners can trust to reach their full potential.