Leasing & Equipment Financing

Blue Sky Capital Strategies delivers immediate and long-term savings through our proprietary leasing platform.

This platform drives significant savings throughout the term of the lease by seamlessly integrating three best-in-class leasing disciplines to elevate companies to the top percentile in the three major benchmarks:

  • Documentation
  • Portfolio & Life Cycle Management
  • Financial Analysis, Disclosure, & Compliance
  • Lease Advisory Services

    Our expert team is available to audit and develop best practices for leasing.

  • Lease vs. Purchase Analysis

    We can provide extensive support services for lease vs. purchase analysis

  • Lease Management Software

    Our centralized lease management software can act as a repository for your leasing portfolio

Blue Sky Investment Banker Approach

When the CFO modifies the capital structure for the company, they typically engage an investment banker or a financial advisor for anything ranging from an ABL facility, a revolver, public or private debt, or bonds.

Leasing is the ONLY part of the capital structure that has ever been delegated to the business units, sourcing or procurement – and the lessors are benefitting.

We like to refer to leasing as medium-term capital and our clients typically refer to Blue Sky as the investment banker for their lease portfolio.

We take a comprehensive portfolio approach to developing and managing leasing as a strategic part of the capital structure.  We use portfolio analytics and best practices to optimize every part of the leasing program from origination to termination to ensure that leasing is the cheapest and most flexible form of liquidity in the capital structure.