Portfolio Manager for Lease Management

ScreenshotPortfolio Manager Software is our solution to lease management and it is a great tool for supporting your leasing portfolio. This system gives you a simple dashboard so that you can easily see your lease portfolio. Portfolio Manager is being used to manage over a billion dollars of assets and thousands of schedules. Call today to discuss how Portfolio Manager can help you manage your leases and keep you compliant with the new lease accounting standards.

As you make the transition to the new lease accounting standards, Portfolio Manager can help you keep track of all of your leases and to ensure that the necessary data for each lease is in a readily available place.  The software is easy to use and easy to implement.  There is no reason for you to use Excel spreadsheets to manage you leases any more – get Portfolio Manager today to ensure that your leases are being managed properly.

Portfolio Manager is a proprietary solution to centralized lease management and an essential tool when it comes to supporting your lease portfolio. This system gives you a simple dashboard that gives you a clear picture of your leases.  Our clients are managing more than one billion dollars of leases using Portfolio Manager today.

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